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Why we offer guided tours in south america

The services of a Tour Guide will enhance your travel experience immeasurably. Our Tour Guides are recruited from within the local communities we visit, so they have a good knowledge of the area’s history, culture, and traditions. Our Guides are able to provide up-to-date, factual information, and they can answer the questions you may have. Visitors to foreign nations may have to deal with difficult issues of bureaucracy, such as obtaining permits for activities such as climbing, fishing, or camping, and language barriers can make this even more difficult. The advantage of a Tour Guide, is that he/she can fluently speak the local language, has a good understanding of how local systems operate, and is less likely to be intimidated or cheated. Our Tour Guides can also help to ensure that you are not conned by shop owners, taxi drivers, and the like. Our Guides act as deterrents to people who might otherwise hassle you, such as beggars and street vendors. Our Tour Guides will do all the planning for your trip, including making necessary reservations, travel arrangements, hotel accommodations, transportation, most meals, and whatever else needs to be taken care of. This allows you to spend your full time enjoying your vacation!

Our team


Alejandro Jácome

Been a tour guide for 16 years around Ecuador and part of Peru, I have enough expertise to advise you in all your travel needs to make your experience unique and unforgettable.


Marcela Román

Travel consultant for more than 13 years and specialist for mainland Ecuador & Galapagos Islands Tour programs, I know how to make your travel idea enjoyable.

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Thank you!!! for taking a part of this project and I will work hard to make all your travel ideas in South America , a unique and unforgettable lifetime experience…

CEO & Founder

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