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yasuni national park tour

Get to Know Yasuni National Park in Ecuador

Yasuni Park is the largest protected area in mainland Ecuador, it protects an impressive biodiversity in the heart …

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new galapagos gigant tortoise

New Galapagos Gigant Tortoise specie was found in Fernandina Island !!!

Chelonoidis phantasticus, was the species of tortoise from Fernandina Island that was found in its natural habitat after …

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Ash Wednesday , the starting of Lent Time!!!

With the imposition of the ashes, a spiritual station is started in Ecuador, which is particularly relevant for …

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Guaranda Carnival Festival

The carnival in Guaranda is celebrated as in every other part of Ecuador. But, this city also celebrates …

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La Diablada de Pillaro Festival

Diablada de Píllaro is a popular celebration that has grown in the last decade. According to the history, …

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How Did The Galapagos appeared!!!

The Galapagos Islands are located in the Pacific Ocean at 972 km a litte more than 650 miles …

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Whale watching season in Ecuador

THE HUMPBACK WHALES HAVE ARRIVED IN ECUADOR!!!! The Tourism Minister was pleased to open this whale watching season …

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Festival of the Lights in Quito August 2017

The Festival of the Lights 2017 , is repeated for the second consecutive year and in commemoration of …

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Ecuador Panama Hats

Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity The toquilla straw hat is woven from fibres from a palm tree characteristic …

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Cayambe volcano (Ecuador): increased earthquakes show volcano has become restless

The volcano has become restless. Scientists from Ecuador’s Institute of Geophysics (IGEPN) recorded an increased number of earthquakes …

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Ecuador highest active volcano, the Cotopaxi, spews ash and smoke for hours

Bursts of ash spew from the snow-encircled crater of the Cotopaxi Volcano and fall in gusts on this …

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Ecuador one of the Best places in World for Retirement…

Early this year InternationalLiving.com launches its annual Global Retirement Index 2014 , a study that stands at the …

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Ecuador is Qualified as the Fashion Country

An article on SustainableTrip.org, Ecuador is qualified as “the fashion country.” Certified by The Rainforest Alliance (an organization dedicated to …

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