April 15, 2020

Zuleta a Historic Hacienda in Ecuador

By superduper

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Zuleta a Historic Hacienda in Ecuador

In Ecuador, just few places preserve as much history as Hacienda Zuleta, now converted into a cozy Luxury Hacienda in the Andes of Ecuador. According to historical documents, the original habitants of the Zuleta area were the peaceful Caranquis (800 years BC) , their economy was based mainly on agriculture. This period ended with the arrival of the Incas at the end of 14th Century. According to several historians, the Caranquis were an ancient culture that occupied the Northern Andes of Ecuador that includes Carchi, Imbabura and north of Pichincha provinces. This local Culture, fought for over four decades against the Incas, who forced to them to work as slaves. According to some settlers, at the end of the 16th century, Carlos the Spanish King decided that Zuleta region should be occupied by the Jesuits. At their arrival, the Jesuits introduced new Spanish methods for livestock and sheep raising. After a long time finally, the farm was sold to José Maria Lasso and it was kept in his family for 2 more generations.


It is now a property of over 6,000 acres that has belonged to the former Ex-President Galo Plaza Lasso and his family for more than a hundred years. For its beauty, Hacienda Zuleta was nominated one of the “Top 10 Findings” by Outside Magazine; the most recognized Travel Magazine in the United States. The hacienda house has 14 main rooms with its own fireplace, all comfort and full board service to make you feel at home during you entire stay. It is for sure one of the Best Luxury Haciendas to stay and visit in Ecuador, when you are looking for a Luxury Historical Retreats. At Zuleta, you plan and customized, you own daily program with no rush, and the hotel staff is always willing to attend all the guest needs. As an example you can choose between horseback riding in the Andes, or maybe bike around the property or a fantastic hike to the nearby the local villages and get involve to the locals.


Zuleta also has a Non profitable project know as Condor Huasi,( the Condors House )  that helps to preserve the Andean wildlife and the Paramo land. They also do a special effort to protect the Condors. At this area, you can enjoy the views and see condors on flight. This is something unique in Ecuador, since that Condors are in danger of extinction, so to see Condors flying in Ecuador is for sure a highlight of the Trip that you can’t miss it !

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