April 12, 2020

10 Tips Before You Travel to South America

By superduper

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10 Tips Before You Travel to South America

Traveling in South America is for many people, part of their bucket list places to visit at least once in a lifetime. I considered necessary to give some travel advice about this particular topic, which you could take it as a guideline in the case you do not know how to start and make your trip in South America memorable.

As now technology is available and accessible to everyone, trough internet, you already visit a place on line without being there, so this is a fantastic way to explore on your own and can be very useful at the time to decide and organize your all travel experience in South America. However, you have to be careful and keep on eye in certain details in terms of not turning into a nightmare and a bad experience. So let me explain son facts as follows:

  • Spanish is the most spoken language in South America, so it could be more handle for your travel intensions, if you at least understand and read some Spanish. In several countries as Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina, their population does not speak a fluent English     (you can find more people speaking English at the big cities, but at the countryside, English could be almost cero)
  • Public transportation is acceptable and relatively safe (in few places in Colombia and Ecuador, could be an issue that you have to be aware) . So in most of South America you can travel using public buses, this is the cheapest and most scenery way to explore everywhere.
  • If your desire is to travel a bit more comfortable, there are local flights everywhere and you can think about possibility of be part of a tour group, so you will not have to worry about transportation, accommodation and sightseeing at all.
  • Food might be different to yours, but for sure, you will find many options that, you don’t have to worry much about this fact, since that a big portion of traveling is to experience and try new things. For sure, you will love it.
  • How much time do I need to visit South America? The answer is not easy to get, because it depends in how many countries you want it to add or how long you think spending on each one. If your desire is to see as much as possible , keep in mind that you will need at least 4 weeks , but you can also split your visit to south America in several parts.
  • If you have 4 weeks’ time, I recommend you to start in Colombia then Ecuador, (maybe a visit to Galapagos Islands), Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and end it up in Brazil. Therefore, in this way you will visit the most important places (See it on my next Post) as you travel down south.
  • If you want to split it , I recommend you in 3 parts , two weeks each visit as follows; Colombia , Ecuador , Peru . Then south of Peru, Bolivia and Chile. Finally Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil.
  • You also have to be aware about Visas, since in some countries their travel policies change very often.
  • You might as yourself if you need to have a tour arranged or not. The answer is also not easy to get. However, I can clarify it on this way; if you love to have your own travel pace and you enjoy more arranging all by yourself, so you will not any problem to visit places as you go. (In some places, it might be obligatory to book a tour, since this is the only way to visit it). Finally if you prefer to have some help prior your trip , for sure you will need a travel company to assist and suggest itineraries according , to your travel ideas ( you can see more of our tours at this link )   
  • What about money and credit cards? For your information, each country has its own currency except Ecuador that uses US dollars. Credit and debit cards are all welcome everywhere, so it is safe and faster to use it while in South America.

South America is a very diverse and extensive portion of the American continent, which will amaze you with the cultural, gastronomic, ideological and religious difference.

You will be more than welcome to visit this part of the all planet full of amazing experiences…

As you like our travel post, we invite you to learn more about these areas and other sites of Ecuador, Galapagos, Colombia & Peru, with one of travel specialist that will help you to create your next travel experience.  Our email : info@guidecuador.com

Salento Town in Colombia

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