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May 8, 2014

Ecuador one of the Best places in World for Retirement…

By superduper

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Early this year InternationalLiving.com launches its annual Global Retirement Index 2014 , a study that stands at the top ranking countries for retirement . In its 20 year history , the company , to develop this list , and collect data from their team of experts , made a survey of Americans and Canadians, evaluated from the price of food , the average temperature of the countries , the costs of public services to the friendliness of the locals .

The annual Global Retirement Index , now in its 23rd edition , ranks the best international retirement destinations . The list is headed Panama , as a country that offers a variety of lifestyle options ; followed by Ecuador , who heads the index over the past five consecutive years. Malaysia, Costa Rica , Spain , Colombia , Mexico , Malta, Uruguay , Thailand, Ireland, New Zealand, Nicaragua , Italy and Portugal.

” Since moving to Cuenca, Ecuador , three and a half my wife years ago and I have noticed how simple it has become our life. For us to go abroad and retirement go hand in hand , so we have attributed this phenomenon to not have races with the stress and pressure that accompanies “Stevens , one of foreign retirees living in the country said.
Make that Ecuador is ” overwhelmingly attractive choice” for foreign retirees , in part because ” really stretch their dollars there.” Stevens says that you can live comfortably, including rental category , with $ 1,800 a month.
Another thing that really took him by surprise is how early it gets dark in the United States , while in Ecuador the sun rises and sets around 6:30 every day.

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