Travel style: In-depth Cultural

Quito City Bike 1 Day Tour

Quito’s old town is full of attractions , however there is thousands of tour companies offering the same City tour in Quito. Obviously I propose another way of visiting without getting stuck in traffic. Our City tour is ecological and a lot of fun!!! We will go on two wheels ( Bike)

Ecuador Luxury Train 5 Days Tour

This Tour begins south of Quito through the “Avenue of the Volcanoes”, a name given by Alexander Von Humboldt to these singular geological formations of the Andes on this parallel structure and this long valley in between, where you can find over 20 volcanoes and mountains including the majestic Cotopaxi and the imposing Chimborazo. We …

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Ecuador Shaman & Spiritual 5 Days Tour

ECUADOR SHAMAN & SPIRITUAL TOUR This is a ritual of healing and spiritual character, performed with authentic shamans. Through this ceremony you will have a clearer vision of your life, you will also feel better; psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, helping, to cure modern diseases such as cancer, stress, depression, worries, alcoholism, drug addiction, etc. Ceremony performed …

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