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April 23, 2024

5 must-see churches in Ecuador

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Get inspired to visit Ecuador and its churches

We have listed the 5 best churches to visit in Ecuador ,however there are more than hundred additional that also are worth it to see.

1. San Francisco Church

san francisco church quito ecuador

San Francisco Church in Quito is an iconic Catholic temple located in the historic center of the city. It is known for its baroque architecture and rich history dating back to the 16th century.

This church host numerous works of religious art and is an important site of devotion and tourism in the Ecuadorian capital.

Its outstanding façade and interior decorated with ornamental details make it an architectural jewel of Quito and a cultural reference point in the region.

2. Compañia de Jesus Church

compania de jesus church quito ecuador

The Company of Jesuscrist church  in Quito is a magnificent example of colonial baroque architecture in Ecuador. Built by the Jesuits in the 17th century is notable for its elaborated interior decoration, including gilded ceilings, carved altars, and a profusion of ornamental details in the Churrigueresque style.

It is considered one of the most beautiful churches in Latin America and it is one of the main touristic landmarks  in Quito, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO on September 8 – 1978.

3. Basilica del Voto Nacional

basilica del voto nacional church quito ecuador

The Basilica of the National Vote in Quito is an impressive tourist attraction.  Built in a neo-Gothic style to commemorate Ecuador’s consagration to the Jesus heart on 1875.  it offers to all visitors and devotees a unique religious experience.

Its imposing architecture, detailed sculptures on the façade and works of sacred art inside are fascinating for lovers of history and architecture. Additionally, the possibilitie to climb up to the central tower and enjoy a panoramic view of the city is a highlight for tourists looking for a memorable experience.

The Basilica is undoubtedly a must-see place for anyone who visits Quito.

4. Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of Cuenca

cuenca cathedral ecuador

The Cathedral of  Immaculate Conception in Cuenca is a notable landmark while visiting Ecuador for its neo-Gothic architecture, interior decoration and bell tower with panoramic views.

Its rich history and location in the historic center of Cuenca offer visitors the opportunity to explore other nearby sites of interest.  The cathedral, with its paintings, sculptures and stained glass windows, creates an atmosphere of spirituality and artistic beauty that captivates those who visit it.

In addition, on the outskirts there are delicious local food options worth it to try in a local restaurants located within the park and also take the best church photos.

5. Quito Metropolitan Cathedral

quito cathedral church ecuador

The Metropolitan cathedral is an architectural  religious baroque jewel in Latin America. It was built over several centuries, standing out its imposing façade, tall towers and interior decoration with works of sacred art, such as altars, sculptures and religious paintings.

Its located right next to the main square in the historic center of Quito,  makes it a prominent point of tourist interest.

Visitors can admire the majesty of its architecture, explore its rich history and enjoy panoramic views from its towers. The cathedral represents a unique fusion of art, history and spirituality in the heart of Quito city.

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