All you need to Know about South America

In general, people have a bad image of South America ,regarding security throughout the continent, but the reality is quite different. As in all parts of the world, and especially as women, you have to take certain precautions and travel with common sense, but it is not anywhere near as dangerous as the media and those people who have never been and only leave carry by what they hear out there. So it is much better to arrange and have a guidance with a travel company. So don’t think too much and explore this paradise in world known as South America. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need some help!!
Ecuador is located in the middle of the world, so you can enjoy a good temperate and climate during the year in most of the places. The high tourist season in Ecuador runs from mid-May to early October and starts again in late December. These peak seasons, are directly related with vacations in the United States, Canada and Europe. We have to say one more time that in Ecuador you can visit at any time, but keep in mind these following tour recommendations.
If you want to travel in South America and you do not speak Spanish it is not a big deal because nowadays many people already speak English and they can help you if you need help somewhere in South America if necessary. It is important to say that Spanish is the second largest language spoken all over the world and why not start studying Spanish during your visit. It is definitely a plus if you speak Spanish because, locals will feel more confident to you and it will be easy for you to interact with everyone anywhere in South America, with the exception of Brazil because they speak Portuguese. So you can study spanish while you tour around in South Amercia.
To travel from the United States to any South American country, you WILL need a passport. You may reference the following website for passport information; Ecuadorian visa policies and regulations change frequently. The information on this page was obtained from the Ecuadorian Ministry of Foreign Relations in Quito, and it represents the Ministry’s requirements for each visa as of September 2012. However, each embassy and consulate around the world has its own set of requirements and procedures for procuring a visa. Check with the embassy or consulate closest to you for accurate information applicable to your situation. Note: If you enter Ecuador with a tourist visa (12-X), you cannot subsequently apply for any other kind of visa in the country. You must return to your country of origin to apply for a non-tourist visa. Applications for non-tourist visas are no longer accepted within the country if you entered the country with a tourist visa.
Our answer is Yes. It is better for you to travel covered in case of an accident or trip issue. There are several different types of travel insurance policies available, ranging from trip cancellation insurance to emergency medical evacuation, all of which vary widely by company in what their coverage includes and how much it costs. Make sure you know exactly what your policy will and will not cover before you purchase anything, and always buy your insurance from a reputable company . You may purchase travel insurance from any agency with which you feel comfortable.  You may also contact us for insurance.  We will gather your information and give you a quote.
Colombia is a suitable country to go on vacations at any time in the year, however in general, the best time to travel to Colombia is between December and March and from July to August as most of countries nearby the Equator. During summer, prices might be at least 35 % higher than within low season. So if you are able to go on vacation at any time, we strongly recommend you to visit Colombia during low season, then you will get way much cheaper deals and best quality accommodations for less price.