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June 15, 2023

Tayrona National Park a Natural Retreat in Colombia

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Tayrona Park, a natural retreat on the Caribbean!

Tayrona National Park located on the Caribbean Coast of Colombia is a breath-taking place that will make you feel as you truly getting into the paradise. It’s known for its pristine nature, rich biodiversity, white sand beaches, hiking trails in the jungle, coastal lagoons, tall coconut palms, and sun that shines all day long.

Due all these natural richness and beauty, since 2019, the indigenous communities that live at Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the surroundings of the park, the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development decided to close the park temporary three times a year.

The main idea is to allow nature and the park itself to rest, keeping the balance with all species that live in Tayrona National Park. In addition, indigenous communities take advantage of the time to carry out traditional and cultural practices in sacred sites along Tayrona National Park. This contributes to maintain all their cultural traditions for all the ancient Colombian tribes still alive.

However, when the Government came up with the idea of closing the park, the loss of revenues for all the tour operators and people that are involved in tourism was significant, but the results on flora and fauna were incredibly positive after the first year.

This strategy is carried out three times a year, from February 1 to 15, from June 1 to 15 and from October 19 to November 2. So, make sure to check ahead before your visit, if the park is open or not.

If Tayrona National Park is closed, don’t worry, there are so many other things to see and to do in Colombia that simply you can add it instead. We strongly believe that every touristic place needs some time to breath and recover to maintain the sustainability, especially such popular places like Tayrona National Park.

We should keep these good practices and use it as a reference in the world in terms of respecting nature, culture and heritage, on this way we make sure that our planet will last longer.

For more information about tours to visit Tayrona National Park

don’t hesitate to contact us at :  info@guidecuador.com

we will be happy to hear about you.

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