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November 15, 2023

Guiding Change: Recycling Campaign in GUIDECUADOR

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We are pleased to share exciting news from the heart of Guidecuador, where initiative and environmental responsibility have come together in a voluntary plastic recycling campaign that is leaving a significant footprint.

At GUIDECUADOR, we have always valued our environment and the natural wealth that surrounds us. With the growing awareness of the global environmental crisis, we decided to step forward and make a difference. The idea of a plastic recycling campaign emerged as a tangible way to contribute to the well-being of our planet.

What makes this campaign unique is that it is voluntary. Instead of imposing a mandate, we invite our employees to join this cause optionally. This freedom of choice has generated a sense of empowerment and belonging among the entire team who come together and have fun recycling. What makes us most happy is that none of our collaborators has been left without participation in this great cause!


To facilitate participation, we have established recycling bins throughout the office, making the process simple and efficient. Additionally, we have provided clear information on which plastics are recyclable and how to properly separate them. Our voluntary recycling campaign contributes to an Ecuadorian foundation in charge of making construction materials with recycled plastic. Incredible!

We recognize and celebrate the commitment of our employees to the recycling campaign. We have implemented a form of incentive that highlights and thanks all our collaborators for the efforts made to reduce their plastic consumption and actively participate in the campaign. This incentive not only motivates, but also creates a sense of community around sustainability.



The plastic recycling campaign is not limited only to our facilities. As part of GUIDECUADOR, we also seek to extend our positive impact to the community. Therefore, one of our goals for 2024 is to promote our campaign around facilitating the participation of neighbors and local businesses.


At GUIDECUADOR, we believe in leading by example. Our voluntary plastic recycling campaign is
more than an internal effort; is an open invitation to all to join us in
guiding us towards a more sustainable future. Every small act counts, and
together, we can make meaningful change.

The plastic recycling campaign in GUIDECUADOR is an example of how collaboration can transform not only a company, but also entire communities. Join us as we navigate towards a greener, brighter future for everyone!

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