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December 14, 2023

GUIDECUADOR: Empowering Women, Transforming Adventures

By master

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Welcome to the behind-the-scenes story in GUIDECUADOR, where the magic of our travel experiences is brought to life by a team of extraordinary women. From the peaks of the Andes to the depths of the Amazon rainforest, our diverse and talented
team works hard to deliver unforgettable experiences. 

Trading with Passion

At the heart of our operations, Marcela is a 45-year-old mother of two, has a bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management; she leads with passion and precision. 

From logistical planning to flawless execution in the field, she is not only an expert in her field, but she also infuses every detail with a touch of care. Perfection is in the small details, and by leading the operational team she ensures that every experience we provide to our passengers is unforgettable.


“I am proud to be the operational part of GUIDECUADOR, I am in charge of turning travel dreams into unforgettable realities.”

Finance with Vision

GUIDECUADOR’s financial team, made up entirely of Sofia, who has an engineering degree in Hotel Management, and has a three-year-old son who is the biggest inspiration of her life. 

Sofia is the backbone of our stability. With strategic vision and exceptional analytical skills, she deftly navigates the financial complexities to ensure the long-term stability of the company. Their focus is not only on the numbers, but also on the positive impact they can generate. In addition, she is the promoter of the recycling campaign that GUIDECUADOR is currently undertaking.



“I love my job because it allows me to balance numbers and emotions. Every financial decision is an investment in the experiences that will live on in the hearts of those who trust us.”

Charming Sales

Camila leads the sales team, she is a woman ambassador and passionate about the wonders that Ecuador and the world have to offer. Camila is 25 years old, has a degree in Historical and Cultural Tourism, loves to read and exercise, it gives her strength to continue advancing in her field. 

With an infectious charm and a deep knowledge of tour experiences, this woman is adept at turning travel dreams into realities. Every booking is a success story, and Camila plays an essencial role in taking travelers to experience their journeys as if they were dreams, fitting into each passenger’s budget. 



“With each sale, we not only close a deal, but we open the doors to exciting chapters of adventure. In every passenger, I see a traveler eager to discover, and in every destination, a world ready to be explored with great enthusiasm.”

Marketing That Inspires

Behind every captivating image and every inspiring message, stands Joss, the youngest of our team, she is 22 years old, she is a social communicator and is looking forward to the arrival of her first child. She works from her creativity, also using her emotions, as a whole. 

From social media to the  creative side of the company, she works to tell GUIDECUADOR’s unique story. Their creativity knows no bounds, creating authentic connections with our global audience.



“In the universe of imagination and inspiration, my role at GUIDECUADOR is to bring every corner of the journey to life. My heart beats to the rhythm of the emotions we create, because in the world of marketing, we don’t just sell destinations, but dreams that awaken the thirst for exploration and the magic of the unknown.”

Unwavering Support

Every step of the way, our support team provides the unwavering backing that keeps GUIDECUADOR moving. Melanie is 26 years old, she is a technologist in Tourism and Hotel Management; she loves nature and taking trips to remote places.   

From human resources to information technology, this woman plays critical roles in ensuring cohesion and efficiency at all times. In addition, to be the support of all the staff so that the work flows correctly. Without a doubt, the corner stone of our company.



“As part of the support team, I find joy in being the bridge that sustains every experience. My mission is to make sure every detail is in place, so our travelers can immerse themselves without worry in the wonder of their adventure.” 

At GUIDECUADOR, we are proud of our team of courageous women who push boundaries and lead with excellence in every department. From inspiration to execution, every one of them contributes to the creation of travel experiences that live long in the memory.  


Join us on this exciting adventure, where female leadership is not just a focus, but the very essence of who we are. 

Discover Ecuador with the power of the women of Guidecuador! 

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