April 7, 2020

When is the best time to visit Ecuador?

By superduper

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Ecuador is located in the middle of the world, so you can enjoy a good temperate and climate during the year in most of the places. The high tourist season in Ecuador runs from mid-May to early October and starts again in late December. These peak seasons, are directly related with vacations in the United States, Canada and Europe. We have to say one more time that in Ecuador you can visit at any time, but keep in mind these following tour recommendations.


It can be at the begining confusing to figure out what the “dry” and “wet” seasons mean in Ecuador. Wet season is from December to May; however, it is also the best time to visit the coast.  Oddly enough, it is actually sunniest on the coast during the wet season. In this wet season, rains at night and it is typical that the next day starts with a sunny marvelous morning. From April to November, the dry season brings cloudy skies but little rain.

If you are thinking to visiting Ecuador Amazon , keep in mind that, it rains all the year, but much more during the wet season from December to May. During the wet season, the temperature is warmer in the mountains, although it does not change too much. In Ecuador Andes  like Quito, Baños, Riobamba and Cuenca, temperatures usually range between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit (10 to 20 degrees Celsius).

Seasons in Galapagos come and go the all year . During the wet season, the air and water heat up a bit (water temperature goes between 73 F. to 78 F), but it rains frequently. In the dry season, you will find colder temperatures and rougher waters, but less rain.

There are several local holidays when Ecuadorians travel to such as; Carnival, Easter, and Ecuadorian Independence Day (August 10 ), So hotel prices increase and it could be too crowded and noisy. But also it is the perfect opportunity to admire and get see colorful street festivals that you shouldn’t miss at all!! So if you are thinking to visit us ,just buy your air ticket and come , you are more than welcome to see the Ecuadorian Paradise.

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