April 17, 2020

Ecuador a Paradise in World

By superduper

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Ecuador is literally a paradise that is diversified among unique and beautiful landscapes. Its people are friendly, warm, and hospitable, and the country is truly four worlds in one: Coastal Region, Amazon Jungle, the Highlands, and the Galapagos Islands

South American Nations, such as Ecuador, have many cultures as well as endemic flora and fauna, making them unrivaled in the world; with unlimited, incomparable, unforgettable, and picturesque destinations.


Ecuador, located in the middle of the world, has been truly blessed by God with such a variety of ecosystems. In just one day, it is possible to travel from the cold glaciers, over 4800 meters above sea level, to the tropical region at only 1200 meters

Ecuador is a very important Ethnographic Destination in Latin America, and has been since the pre-Inca settlements of 11,000 BC. In the fifteenth century, with the Inca culture, the nation of Quito, Ecuador quickly became the capital of the Empire Tahuantinsuyo (Inca territory). With the arrival of the Spaniards, and the introduction of European customs, Ecuador’s roots were literally destroyed. Fortunately, however,, there are still 16 different ethnic groups scattered throughout the Ecuadorian territory.


The Ecuadorian Cuisine is yet another reason to visit the country. Each region has its own way of cooking and its own foodstuffs, which range from traditional Ceviche (Marinated Shrimp), to Fish Maito (Fish steamed and wrapped in leaves), to the Cuy (actual Guinea Pig). But regardless of which region in which you dine, the food will be the freshest you have ever tasted, and the best!

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