April 1, 2020

Abuela Lifetime True Story in Ecuador

By superduper

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As CoVid19 has put everything down and closed,  I got some time to share my grandma great life story. Her name is Gladys and she leaves in the outskirts of Quito (Ecuador ) since 1962 with 3 dogs and 2 cats and a wonderful garden.

Her story start 5 hours far from the City in a village called Mira , where she grew up alone with her mother (my great grandmother) as a farmer and few opportunities,  she decided to enter to school to become (very difficult by that time to access for their location and economical situation). But it was not a limitation and she studied supported by few members of her family.
Time passed and she became a brilliant school teacher (she also had to learn quechua , apart of her Spanish) and this is when she decided to move to Quito , have a family and work with more opportunities.
She meet my grandfather (he passed out on 1992) and married few years after.
In total they had 8 children (7 girls and 1 boy ). She had to work and look after her children practically alone since my grandfather always worked and he didnot have time for the kids.
My mother was her first child and at the same time she was her assistance at home to keep on eye of the rest of the kids , cook and also study.
Time went soo fast and usual , then everybody became adult and start their own families. By that time my grand father died as a consequence of a heart attack, so my grandma was left alone only with her mother.
As it was to rush and crowded her life in the City , she decided to go back to the countryside and she sold her house to buy a nice place far away from Quito center (by now her property is in the City close to everything and with all services ).
At this time by 1997 , the worse económical crisis hit Ecuador , destroying families and stealing people bank savings.
In her case it was not the exception, she lost all her lifetime savings after working as a teacher for 40 years.
As my great grandma got many health issues and need alot of daily medication, my grandma had to go back to work but as a maid to make sure her mother continue taking her medication and eat.
This part she struggle until , she got a part time job in a family house.
Time passed and her mother died in 2004 , since them , her economy and her life became better and finally she could quit her job and responsiblity. At her age , she only deserves to rest , travel and enjoy life looking after, her garden , animals and house.
For sure this is a life time story that I also have the fortune to be part of it in many episodes, that I will share in my coming soon post.
I hope that this story help you to handle bad episodes in a tolerant and easy way and make you thing that life is just one , so we have to keep on mind that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.
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