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Active & Local Life in Baños 3 Days Tour
June 18, 2020

Are you not a conventional tour person?? Are you looking for living a unique and real local experience while in Baños?
So,This is a tour you should take , get to know how locals fishing and learn more about the local living surrounded by stunning views and nature near Baños

June 18, 2020

This tour is for the person who wants to experience various sports in a foreign country.We will begin with the Lechero Tree Hike, and we will end up at the Otavalo Indian Market.  Next, we will partake of the Cuicocha Volcano Hike, and we will stop in Cotacachi, which also known as Leather Town.We will then travel from Otavalo to the Cotopaxi National Park, where we will complete the Cotopaxi Hike.  Next, we will drive to the city of Baños, where we will take bikes to complete our journey of the Avenue of the Waterfalls.Are you ready for the Pastaza white water rafting?  Of course you are, and then you´ll relish your visit to the Chimborazo Fauna Reserve and Riobamba City.Wait till you see the train ride we have in store for you, which, of course, will take you to Cuenca City.  Next, you’ll journey along the Inca Trail, and then we´ll camp at Cajas National Park.

la selva lodge as part of yasuni national park luxury tours provided by GUIDE ECUADOR
June 18, 2020

This tour was designed to give you the full adventure of the Amazon Jungle! We will begin in Quito, where we will catch a flight to Coca City, where your extravagant lodge, La Selva, awaits you.  We will have a nice nature hike, and then you will settle down for the night. Your Amazon Jungle Explorations begin!  We will begin on the Chaguamango Trail, we´ll follow up on the Charapa Trail, and the evening will find us partaking in the Agnihotra Ceremony.  The next day, we will visit the Yasuni National Park; the views you will witness on these two days will be breathtaking!  And you will have a true experience of the Amazon Jungle. Finally We will return to Coca City, and then on to Quito.  The next day, you will take your international flight home.

June 18, 2020

Biking Lovers will have the opportunity to see the Northern Site of Ecuador!!!! Join us in Ecuador, for a truly unique bike tour.  Inspired by the very scenery rides in the Ecuadorian Andes and the Cloud Forest , Ecuadorian Biking Spirit Tour – means for us at the time ‘Great Bike Journey’ – is a cycling journey on paver , gravel and non-gravel roads through the rolling hills of Ecuador. You will love it…

This is a wonderful shaman & spiritual tour in ecuador with the best shaman of Ecuador and sightseeings all around the jungle  provided by GUIDE ECUADOR TRAVEL
June 18, 2020

This is a ritual to heal your body and soul your spirit . Performed with authentical shamans from the Amazon in Ecuador.Through this ceremony you will have a clearer vision of your life, you will also feel better; psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, helping, to cure modern diseases such as cancer, stress, depression, worries, alcoholism, drug addiction, etc. Ceremony performed to Heal your Body and Soul Your Spirit!!!



FROM OCT 2020 – DECEMBER 2020 


June 18, 2020

The cloud forest in Ecuador has a large number birds, waterfalls , orchids that you will love it to explore and discover on this tour . Our program is being setted in order to have another nice   opportunity to admire this exuberant Forest…. Get Ready to Explore and Hike with us!!!!

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