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August 29, 2017

Whale watching season in Ecuador

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The Tourism Minister every year is pleased to open this whale watching season in Salinas, Ayangue, Puerto López, Atacames and Santa Clara. “We are the most beautiful country in the world, to the point of becoming the favorite place for one of the largest animals on the planet, choose it to make love and procreate,”.
In order to promote this tourist attraction to national travelers, the Minister of Tourism, proposed an ambitious 1 × 1 challenge: that every inhabitant of Ecuador should become a promoter, and he said, it will be possible with the joint work between the public and private sector.
The equatorial Pacific Coast is an ideal destination in the world for humpback whale watching, one of the largest animals on the planet. Between June and September, the Ecuadorian coast is visited by the species of cetaceans Megaptera Novaengliae (known as humpback whales), which has a length of between 35 ft to 50 ft, the maximum recorded is 60 ft.
These migratory animals are mammals that have adapted to marine life. They travel more than 5,000 miles each year, from Antarctica to Ecuador, to give birth to their young and seek alternatives to survive their species. They feed on the poles and reproduce in tropical and subtropical waters of the equatorial zone.

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