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April 7, 2021

Can I travel to Ecuador during covid 19 pandemic?

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Updated information to visit Ecuador valid from March 22 , 2021

This is the most common question that foreigners are asking, prior they start planning a trip to Ecuador during covid-19 pandemic.

Our answer is that Ecuador is opened again and more beautiful than ever. Even that covid affected Ecuador seriously last year and took many people life’s (over 17,000). By now vaccines are helping a lot to control the pandemic in Ecuador and we hope to see as many visitors as before covid shortly.

Recently the Ecuadorian government released another option for all travelers who want to visit Ecuador during this covid time, that make it more flexible and easy to visit Ecuador in 2021.

All visitors who have been inoculated in their countries don’t need to show a Negative PCR test anymore. Instead is only need a Vaccination Certificate against covid 19 (it need to have the full doses, according to which one was applied at your country)

If it is not yet your case, don’t worry Ecuador is still possible to visit without Covid vaccine, you only need to present a Negative PCR or Antigen test from home valid within 72 hours prior arrival in Ecuador.

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