April 19, 2022

Ecuadorian Cocoa after Pandemic

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2021 was a positive year for cocoa and its semi-finished products, which exceeded over USD 950 million dollars in exports, according to the Cacao National Association  and Industrialized Exporters of Ecuador (Anecacao).

In comparison to 2020 Cocoa exports were an excellent because our exports exceed the industry expectations abroad by more than 420,000 tons shipped worldwide, the market love our Cacao de Aroma . Unfortunately over 15,000 could not being exported due to the shortage of containers in the world

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But at the end of the disaster the nibs are not lost, because it can be kept for several months or even years before the producers find the way to exported as original plan last year.

The figure reached in production last year is very important since, it is considering the highest of the past 10 years.


The projections of the Cocoa industry for this current 2022 is to exceed with at least 20 % more in comparison to last yea , if the shipping companies are able to handle all this issues with containers shortening .

At the end we see that Ecuador and the world are recovering the pace and little by little, so for sure We will have the opportunity to enjoy once again one of the best Premium Cocoa of the World.

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