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October 8, 2020

Ecuador one of the Best places in World for Retirement…

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Expats in ecuador

According to the last expats researches. Ecuador seems to be looking like the cheapest country to live with a large variety of lifestyle options. This give us an indicator about the importance to focus in this niche that expatriates are part of.

There are many aspects and fields that Expats are looking before they decide where the best place to retire in Ecuador is.  Altitude of places in the Andes, how are the beaches, how expensive is to live in Ecuador transportation in Ecuador, how to get an Identification Number, how to buy a house in Ecuador, how does food like in Ecuador and much more.

Relocation in Ecuador has gained popularity since some other countries decrease efforts in safety and price of living becoming such an advantage for Ecuador, as it is a safe country to leave and price of living in Ecuador is relatively cheap.

Here an example of what and expatriate comment about his new life in Ecuador

“Since moving to Cuenca, Ecuador, three and a half years ago my wife and I have noticed how simple it has become our life. For us to go abroad and retirement go hand in hand, so we have attributed this phenomenon to not have races with the stress and pressure that accompanies.
Make that Ecuador is “overwhelmingly attractive choice” for foreign retirees, in part because “really stretch their dollars there.”you can live comfortably, including rental category, with $ 1,800 a month.
Another thing that really took him by surprise is how early it gets dark in the United States, while in Ecuador the sun rises and sets around 6:30 every day.

So case like this one are many and each year the demand of foreigners interesting to live in Ecuador is very high in keeps growing. It is a phenomena that we can see in specific locations such as Cuenca, Vilcabamba Valley, Cotacachi , Cumbaya , Salinas , Manta principally.

What do the local people think about all of this?

This answer is always easy to respond because in terms of the local Economy it is perfect but cost of living have increased very fast , becoming for the locals a big problem since their salaries are much less that an Expatriate from abroad. This issue is difficult to stop and control.

We also know that Real State in Ecuador and the construction industries are happy with this new niche, because this expat niche is wide enough and select than the local buyers. We believe that many real state companies are selecting properties to be advertise outside Ecuador focused in mainly in United States and Canada.

How many foreigners Live in Ecuador?

If we estimate that retirees in Ecuador can live on less than 1800 usd a month, we are also saying that they would save a lot of money in their Country.  In addition, in Ecuador, they would have a comfortable life, making this a primary reason for many people from all over the world to look for the relocation in Ecuador an option to save money and live safely. In resume, this niche is helping Ecuador economy and giving direct and indirect employs to at least 50,000 locals. We hope that this new touristic activity continues and bring more incomes for develop of the Country and to keep dollars as our national currency.

Whether you want to relocate to Ecuador, Panama, or Brazil, GUIDE ECUADOR can assist you…We have Private Tour Guides in Ecuador specialized in Real Estate and Relocation Tours who can take you to numerous locations around Ecuador so that you can determine the one that’s right for you. Once you determine the area in which you wish to Relocate in Ecuador, our Private Tour Guides can set up inspections of homes, apartments, and condominiums. We can also assist you in finding an attorney to help with all legal needs, a permanent visa, a bank account, purchasing a vehicle, renting or purchasing a home, and acquainting you with the area in which you are going to locate.
Our Private Relocation Tour Guides will help with all your moving needs. For more info Feel Free to Contact us : info@guidecuador.com

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