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Ecuador Social Responsibility

Contributing to the society


We would like to share with you some of our achievements trough these years contributing to the society.

At Guide Ecuador, we take this issue very serious, we had helped some centers, schools and nurseries in and around Quito City.

Out of our yearly profits we take a part of it, for helping and we are always look for other places where people need us. You are more than welcome, if you would like to donate in Ecuador or help us directly, we kindly invite you to be part of one of the most grateful experiences, that for sure you will love it….!

First Support 2008

Our first experience was in a Center called FUNDANCION PONTE EN MI PIEL (Being on my Skin) that helps low income families who have members with skin cancer, these was very sad to see them suffering since they were born and without much care. So We have helped them in different way and we are still doing it.
The majority of support it is being Sun scream and drugs to help them. You can see some of the program at this site; http://cepi.ec/


Second Support 2008

Nursery Center Caminitos a la Libertad

We have realized that, the majority of poverty problems in Ecuador are located in large cities, because this low income family have to migrate to the city in terms of giving the children better opportunities. As consequence of this the entire family have to work hard, leaving the kids at home alone. Gladly in the poor areas there are some Nursery Centers, where the family can leave the kids all day long until they return home (from 7:00 am until 4:00 pm).
This Center in particular is supported by the Ecuadorian Government but the conditions of the place were terrible and they didn’t have enough support to maintain the center as a real Nursery, It was really bad to see the infants sleeping on the floor just with cartoon boxes, that really broke our hard and we ended up changing all this place, the regeneration took us around 2 years.
After we finished our mission, we talked with all parents about the future managing of the Center, involving them to take care directly, as we told them that our mission was accomplished there, they should help directly and keep it as beautiful as we left it.
Few years ago, we returned back to see the Center, and It was a nice surprise that it is as nice as we left it. The fact of being poor is not an excuse to live poor!!! Good for them and we hope they continue doing it well…

Thirth Support 2017

Nursery Center Caminitos a la Libertad


This help in particular for us, it is being difficult to understand, how people can treat people as sexual slaves on XXI Century.
This Center is support by a foundation who help Ex prostitutes in ages between 12 til 17 years old. These girls were forced to work as prostitutes all over Ecuador at early ages, in some cases their families joined them to the Sexual Traficant’s, to make money.
Fortunately, the Ecuadorian National Police has a special department named DINAPEM, who protect kid’s victims of all kind of issues including the Sexual business. They are the ones who rescue them, whenever they are informed about these cases.
These girls are kept for the first year in a special center sponsor by the foundation in downtown Quito guarded by the police (so nobody can enter and visit them without authorization) , where they are first safe and trying to forget about their past life.
In this case the foundation has some volunteers, who teach the girls some activities such as: dressmaking, embroidering, cooking, painting and other ones, with the idea of use it in the future after the girls are released to the society and their families.
Our support is still active and monthly we help them in different aspects, we believe that this project is endless and we would like to be part of it forever.

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