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After working 17 years in the tourism industry, we realized that the quality of service is not just the knowledge of the place or area we visit, it is also the important interaction between you and us.

We also believe that the essence of tourism is the passion of touring, focused on the customers´ requirements, in harmony with the environment and people of the places we visit, as well as having a close, friendly relationship with you, our client, and making your travel experience unique and unforgettable.

One of the main goals of GUIDE ECUADOR is taking visitors to explore well-known, and not-so-well-known, areas to insure that our clients attain a full experience of the area they wish to discover.

GUIDE ECUADOR is regarded as an organization providing high-quality services, as well as comfort and complete satisfaction for its clients.

On all the tours we offer, you will be led by our staff of professional Ecuadorian Tour Guides, highly trained, and qualified/certified by Ecuador´s Minister of Tourism.

Also, in using the services of GUIDE ECUADOR, you will be directly involved in social work, as a portion of every tour goes to help needy people7

Thank you!!! for taking a part of this project and I will work hard to make all your travel ideas in Southamerica , a unique and unforgettable lifetime experience…

CEO & Founder